History of freemasonry

Freemasonry (Masonry), as an institution, is an initiatory order whose members are intertwined with moral ideals, spiritual and social, by initiating comply with a common ritual by oath on one of the great religions holy books (Bible, Koran, Old Testament, Hindu Vedas, the Buddhist Tripitaka, or other writings considered sacred) and, in most branches, the belief in a Supreme Being, the Great Architect of the Universe. Masonic organizations present in most countries are found autonome structures, themselves composed of blue lodges, called and workshops, with each of Brothers 7-50 Masons. Freemasonry means at the same time a spiritual discipline, such as alchemy and traditional institution that brings together practitioners of this discipline in the lodge or lodges confederation called the Grand Lodge.

The words "Freemason", "freemasonry" are Romanian translation of English word free mason, French francmaƧon and German Freimaurer which means "mason, free builder " and is a legacy of one of the roots of Freemasonry: guild masons who built churches, basilicas and cathedrals Middle Ages (see below). In the nineteenth century, appeared in Romanian and in the "wizard", coming from the same Russian word and means "naughty" with the same origin as "charming" and "pharmacy" (in elina "spell", "cure ").

According encyclopedic dictionary "The New Encyclopedia Britannica," Freemasonry is the largest secret society in the world, spreading most of all because of stretch in sec. nineteenth century the British Empire. But Freemasonry secretly worked only when and where it was prohibited by law. It is not by nature a secret (but one discrete), although it has similarities with ancient Mystery Schools. But according to the definition given by the Masons themselves, Freemasonry is "an association of free men and morals that work together for the good and progress of society through moral and intellectual improvement of its members."

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