When a man can become a mason?

  • When he can look at the great architecture of things above the rivers, the hills in the distance of the horizon with a profound sense of his smallness and still feels the roots of every virtue, fear, hope and courage.
  • When he feels deep in his heart that everyone is as noble, despicable, divine or diabolical and alone that he himself seeks to understand, to forgive, to love this semen.
  • When he knows to be solidary with the one who is in distress, even if he knows he is sinning, but he is in a fierce struggle with the fates of fate.
  • When he learned how to make friends, how to preserve them and first of all how to keep them with his soul.
  • When he loves the flowers, when without the gun he can not hunt birds and when he feels the vibration of a past pleasure at the hearing of the child’s laughter.
  • When he can be happy and can have high thoughts, even among the most prolific work that life endures.
  • When the evergreen trees and the sun’s reflexes in betting conquer the thought of a much loved and long gone thing.
  • When no cry of despair passes past his ear and any hand stretched to him finds an answer.
  • When he finds good in any struggle that helps a man preserve the essence of holy things and sees the greatness of things in life no matter the name of this struggle.
  • When he can look in the mud from the side of the road and see something beyond the mud and when he can look in front of the most unworthy mortal and see something beyond sin.
  • When he knows how to pray, how to love, how to hope.
  • When he preserved his faith in himself with his friend and his God; glad to live, but without fear of death – in hand with a sword against the river and in the heart with a refrain of love.


This kind of man discovered the only real secret of Masonry and tries to give it to the whole world.

  • The Masonic Order is open to men over the age of 21 (or 18 years old in the case of Masons sons), of any race or religion, of good repute and personal desire to become a Mason.
  • The essential requirement to be admitted is the belief in the immortality of the soul and in the Divinity, generically called the Great Architect of the Universe.
  • One of Masonry’s traditions is that we do not look for members. Men have to join on their own initiative. When you are ready to join us, you can fill in the Masonic Order Application and someone will contact you in regards to the membership.


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